myProject is an innovative software solution for managing documents and project data in distributed projects, and provides an intuitive environment for collaboration in design and engineering.

myProject provides effective web-based handling of documents. The portal contains a fully functional version control system for sharing project documents between project members and between the project team and control authorities, and several tools for creating, manipulating and linking project data.

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Key elements of myProject


  • Notifications on scheduled intervals
  • Assign user responsibilites


  • Register warranty claims to your high valued assets
  • Status of claim
  • Permission matrix

Document approval

  • Excellent revision handling
  • Document status
  • Document process flow
  • Revision commenting
  • Permission matrix

Files and folders

  • Folders - create and edit custom folders
  • Files - upload files to folders
  • File revision - upload new revision of files
  • Permission groups - assign people to groups for easy management
  • Permission matrix - assign read/write access to groups


  • Inspect work progress
  • Register issues
  • Process flow
  • Permission matrix

Risk Assessment

  • Evaluate and manage the risks for your company or assets
  • Take steps to prevent risks from occuring
  • Register training programs for risk awareness


  • Write documents online
  • Publish documents from any revision


  • Manage personnel
  • Assign vessel crew and office members
  • Training of personnel


  • Keep track of your meetings
  • Delegate items to users


  • Track & trace of shipments

Supported browsers

Google Chrome Google Chrome  Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox  Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge  Apple Safari Apple Safari 

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